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Phoenix Education representing overseas universities in India, has a long-standing reputation of being one of the most comprehensive study-abroad consultants in India, starting the entire process with exhaustive career counseling. Our expert counselors advise students on lucrative career options and match individual student profiles as per academic background, aptitude and aspirations to suitable careers. Our counselors not only are knowledgeable about available options but also offer advice based on first-hand experience by visiting foreign academic institutions. Former student experiences are taken into account to make the process even more rigorous and productive.

Our Educational counseling services facilitates the procedures of selecting planning and realizing the educational and career dreams of the students. We guide and assist the students to implement their decisions by offering them wide range of alterations, opportunities and experiences and also by furnishing all requisite educational and professional information as per the needs of individual student.

At Phoenix we regularly provide our clients with authentic and detailed information of the latest trends and demands at international level for students and professionals through seminars, lectures, exhibitions (workshops) and other such activities. Current and latest checklists of various procedures can be procured by the students that all are mandatory for planning and implementation of the study Abroad Programs. We have been providing overseas education services specializing in, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other European Countries for the last 17+ years with success rate of 85%-90%. On an average 1200 clients live their dream for “OVERSEAS CAREER” through Phoenix – Education every year.

Why Us?

Why Us?

Phoenix Education is committed to conducting itself in a transparent, consistent and honest manner. We operate and counsel in a professional manner adhering only to the highest standards of honesty and ethics.

Phoenix Education has team of highly qualified professionals and its Innovative programs are dedicated to excellence when it comes to customer and student services. It is your right to expect personalized, prompt, and reliable services through every interaction with us and we have been relentlessly doing it so, over years.

Director's Message

Mr. Ketan Singh (Managing Director)

In the field of International Education, PHOENIX has been a name to reckon with, since the time of its inception by its visionary founder Mr. Ketan Singh. The organization has taken giant strides and garnered an unparalleled reputation. His in-depth knowledge and experience in global immigration, student visas & global employment scenario is Phoenix Education’s prime asset.

Why Us?

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