About SAT

Scholastics Aptitude Test

The Scholastics Aptitude Test is for students aspiring to undergo their graduation from the various array of esteemed universities across USA. The exam is mostly multiple-choice and its divided into 3 math, 3 critical reading and 3 writing sections. The essay section is always first. The multiple choice can appear in any order on test day. The order is random and your test will be different from that of the person sitting next to you. SAT is conducted only 7 times in a year.

The 3 Section of SAT are:

Section Types of Question Total Questions Time
Writing Present Your Perspective on an issue
Analyze an Argument
2 75 Minutes
Verbal about 6 Sentence Completion
about 7 Analogies
about 8 Reading Comprehensive
about 9 Antonyms
30 30 Minutes
Math about 14 Quantitative Comparisons
about 9 Multiple Choice
about 5 Graphs
28 45 Minutes