Spoken English


Duration : 3 to 4 months , book used for language is use intermediate course Cambridge University Press.

It is designed for those who know some English grammar or who have completed the beginners level of spoken English.

The Four Main Areas Covered Here :

  • Advance Grammer

This Unit Covers Grammatical areas such as :

  1. Verb tenses
  2. Active & Passive Voices
  3. Conditional Structures
  4. Modals
  5. Structure involving adjectives
  6. Reported Speech
  • Vocabulary

The Vocabulary unit introduces a range of key vocabulary including individual Words, Phrases, items of lexical grammar and common collections, Covers many topics relevant to students at this level. Money, Media, Crime, Job, Climate, Environment.

  • Pronunciation

There are different pronunciation exvercises at the end of every grammar unit. Features : Reduced owels, Link between words, intonation.

  • Conversation

It deals with important international function of English Areas Covered :
Job Interviews
Giving Advices – Requsts
Offers – Suggestion
Making Choice – Asking for information

  • Four Major Skills
  1. Speaking : Oral fluency is improved through activities like Group Discussion, Presentation, Giving Opinions.
  2. Writing : It is either a follow up to oral work or an integrated part of classroom activity.
    Note Making – Write Single Sentences – Paragraph Writing – Punctuation – Organizing Information.
  3. Listening : The Study Cd’s contain a short listening task designed to develop particular listening skill to follow British accent.
  4. Reading : Students are made to read in the Classroom and due to this the hesitation reduces and the confidence of speaking increases.
  • Beginners Level

Duration : 3 to 4 Months

It is designed for those who have an elementary knowledge of English.

The Four Main Areas Are Covered :

  1. Grammer : This units covers Grammatical areas that are essential for “Beginners”, Such as basic verb forms and tenses, mass & unit, comparisons & and some model verbs.
  2. Vocabulary : The Vocabulary unit deals with vocabulary used in all the day esactivities. Such units provide opportunities. For communicative use of language.
  3. Pronunciation : There are two different pronunciation exercises running through the course.
    1). How to say it exercises
    2). Sound exercises
  4. Conversation : It deals with developing oral fluency through various exercises during the course.