Test Of English as a Foreign Language

General Overview

Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEL) is an international test that tests the test takers overall comprehensive knowledge of English Language . The test is compulsory or any candidate who aspire to pursue further studies in U.S.A. Test takers are evaluated out of a total score o 120, with an expectations of at least 80 marks by most of the universities in U.S.A.

The 4 Segment On Which The ENGLESH Language Proficiency is Tested Are:

  • Reading

Test taker has to go through about 3-5 reading comprehension with 13 questions in each reading comprehension. The section evaluates the test takers ability to understand the written text in English and answer the questions though inferences and understanding o English language. The section carries a total of 30 marks.

  • Listening

This section evaluates the test takers understanding of English language in listening mode. Test taker listen to audio tapes and then answer the questions based on the audio tapes. The audio tape comprise of short conversation & academic lectures based on life scenario. All are multiple choice question. The section carries a total of 30 marks.

  • Speaking

The speaking section judges the test takers English speaking capability. As per the questions asked one has to speak and record the response within the given time frame. It testes the English speaking proficiency through 6 different tasks. The section also carries a total of 30 marks.

  • Writing

Writing section evaluates the test takers English writing skills with 2 different writing tasks as the medium. This section checks the test takers grammar knowledge. The writing section comprises of 30 marks. There is time constraint for both of the writing tasks.